Who are we ?


TOKAT CİVATA has served as a side industry for many years. 1992 TOKAT CİVATA two partners established the three looms.  One of the partners left the company in 1996. The company was taken over by the family of TELCİ.

Over time, the company has improved itself and directed to investment. Our company,moved its production from market products, the production of standard, custom to the automotive industry and has been a sought-for partner since then

Today, our company continues in business under the brand name TKT CİVATA. With global giants in automotive OEM system has proved its quality by making a special production of cold forging products. Today 60% of our production is exported.

Our company is an international registered user of the material tracking system IMDS system. To ensure the sustainability of our company and to secure the future, we believe it is necessary to show effort with the same goals. Enterprise for generations to come after us as a company, the company can survive and grow. It is important for the quality management system and are managed in accordance with the principles.

Emphasis on ethical values​​, social values ​​we respect. For us, our employees equipped, fair, and responsible participants is important.
Our company has sought for 16 years and trusted industry leading company in the production of fasteners.

Annual; production capacity of TOKAT CİVATA, 195 million units and 855 tons. Ø3 mm between Ø10 mm diameters and lengths between 3 mm to 95 mm is produced by cold forging components.
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